Have you thought up a solution for a future-proof education? Join our challenge to address the needs defined by the 4th Susutainable Development Goal: Quality Education.


The College of Europe in Natolin organizes trainings for many groups, ranging from journalists to mid-career professionals. Currently, such courses are being delivered through an e-learning platform that is relatively static, does not take the profile of the individual learner into account, and is based on design assumptions that are becoming outdated.

Your challenge is to create a modern platform that enables microlearning and personalized education and, from the technical point of view, is a tool that allows for easy scaling.

For more information about the College of Europe in Natolin, please see: https://www.coleuropenatolin.eu/


The digital natives generation often lacks basic digital literacy skills. Many young people don’t understand how digital industries and business models based on data work, and as a consequence, the security threats that they create.

Your challenge is to create a visualization tool of personal data that we share online and techniques that will allow us to control how much of our data is available.


Define your goal with the United Nation’s press conference about the 4th Sustainable Development Goal:

Find ideas on how to redefine learning & teaching using technology in this TEDx Talk:


We’ve prepared for you a collection of articles and resources on digital education and education for digital future. Enjoy!