Please note: the workshop will be run in Polish

Everyone is talking about AI in Business but only a few can implement it for real. Want to be one of them? Join us to learn how to build solutions based on artificial intelligence 💪 Together with Capgemini, we invite you to the “AI in Business” workshop which is a part of the Hacking Carrots program, based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

What can you expect?
During the workshop, you’ll learn about existing solutions and technologies related to AI such as natural language processing, object recognition, and speech analysis.

You will also have a chance to work with the AI ​​Cloud services available on the AWS platform and learn how to create your own solutions with Python: Amazon Comprehend (Text Analytics), Amazon Lex (Bot Development), Amazon Transcribe, Amazon  Translate and Amazon Polly (Speech to text ,text to speech) and AWS Rekognition (Image Analytics).
Our plan for this weekend is:
🚀 presentation of the most interesting cases of AI applications in the business and social world
🚀 implementation of Python to support AI in Cloud
🚀 overview of ready-to-use AI cloud services based on the AWS platform
🚀 testing AI in Cloud services under the guidance of experienced mentors

For whom?
Hacking Carrots Workshop # 1: AI in Business is designed for people interested in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and their implementation in Python.

Registration is open till March 27. After this date (at the latest on March 29), we will let you know by e-mail if you qualified.

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Meet the Mentors

Łukasz Stefanik, Cognitive Solutions Team Lead at Capgemini
Łukasz is focused on building and managing AI team in Kraków, developing solutions around Data Science, Bot Development and Smart Automation.
Personally interested in the area of AI / Data Science and its practical implementation in business; focusing on development of new solutions which will earn us back a time we spent every day at work.
Lecturer on 15th Lean Management Conference in Wroclaw talking about Creating competitive advantage based on LEAN principles, MBA Graduate, keen on sharing his knowledge on multiple occasions; IT T@lks, Meetups, Conferences.

Kamila Malina, Data Science Analyst in Cognitive Solutions team at Capgemini
She is a graduate in Research and Data Analysis at the Jagiellonian University. In Capgemini Kamila is supporting projects in text mining area, such us sentiment analysis based on NLP algorithms and prognosing incidents based on predictive modeling algorithms. Currently engaged in developing anomaly detection model for Cyber Security usage. With her methodological background Kamila is also designing research and statistical testing tools for research projects.

Ruslan Korniichuk, Senior Consultant at Capgemini
Former Python Developer and Data Engineer at Fortune 500 companies. Core areas: Software Development and Automation. Especially interested in Cloud Computing and Data Science. A history of success in diverse industry sectors including Manufacturing, Banking, Startups, FMCG, Healthcare, Education. PhD student at University of Silesia. Public speaker at Data Science Silesia, AI Katowice, IT T@lk, AI Bielsko-Biala, Kariera IT.

Nikolay (Mykola) Pavlenko, Senior Data Scientist at Capgemini
Former R & Scala programmer, Specialist in Modeling of BI Technology and Big Data in Banking area. Especially interested in Investing and Product Customization Process.
A history of success in diverse industry sectors including Banking, Energy, Manufacturing, Mass Media, Education, and Startups.
Master in two directions of Computer Science and Quantitative Methods for Economics and Business. Mentor at bankITup Hackathon, speaker at Faculty of Management (AGH in Krakow) and Data Science Silesia.